|| Enter the activation code - To watch prime video on amazon my TV, user need to enter 6 digit registration code on online web portal that is Create amazon prime video account from the official website from TV and start watching your favorite web series or movies.

Where to enter my amazon TV code?

The Amazon mytv code can be typed in the online activation portal of Amazon prime just visit to the amazon website - and enter amazon registration code in the box and click on register the device.

Steps to create amazon mytv account

  1. Find an internet-enabled device and access on any reliable browser on the device.
  2. Find the ‘New to Amazon’ tab.
  3. Under it, click on ‘Create Your Amazon Account.’
  4. You will be required to provide some personal information – your name, email, and a unique password.
  5. Type in the information at the appropriate tabs and click on ‘Create Your Amazon Account.’
  6. You will be asked to check the email you have provided for a verification link. Alternatively, you may be sent an Amazon Prime One Time Password (OTP).
  7. In the case of the OTP, punch in the password and click on CONTINUE.
  8. If you plan to become a paid Amazon Prime Member, go ahead to add your credit card as the preferred payment method

How to activate devices on amazon with amazon mytv code from

  1. Connect your smart TV to the internet services
  2. Go to the device’s store to download amazon prime video app
    • Search the prime video application from the search bar
    • Click on install button to install amazon my TV app
  3. Open the amazon video app after the successful installation
  4. Now click on “Register on the amazon website
  5. Note down the amazon TV verification code
    • Amazon my tv code looks like – MMYNTZ
  6. Now open the internet and type
  7. Sign in with your amazon account with correct credentials
    • Create new account, if this is your first time
  8. Enter the amazon video registration code from your TV or device
    • To start, enter 5 or 6 character code found in the amazon video app on your TV or device so we can register it with your amazon account, then click on “Continue” ro proceed to the next step.
  9. Once the amazon activation process gets completed, you will receive the congratulation message on your TV screen.
  10. Click on continue on your amazon my TV app.
    • After this, you will able to stream on amazon prime video on your android with the prime app.

If you follow the step-by-step guide provided above, you can expect your Amazon Prime account to be verified. Remember that you can only activate your Amazon Prime on with your Amazon Prime verification code after you have subscribed to Amazon Prime membership.